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School of Arts and Crafts (1928 - 1939)

The School of Arts and Crafts in Bratislava belongs to one of the key topics in the modern history of Slovakia. Its importance clearly exceeds our local space, as in its time it was one of the most advanced schools of art in Europe. As part of a wider cultural movement, it brought together important personalities, who transformed Slovakia into a modern country through countless initiatives and collaborations. However, the Bratislava School of Arts and Crafts almost fell into oblivion.

Even many people from Bratislava do not know that such a unique school operated in their city in the interwar period. Nowadays, only a few will remember that the Slovak University of Technology has not always been located on Vazova Street and that the architects and members of the ŠUR curatorium were, for example, architects Emil Belluš, Klement Šilinger and Friedrich Weinwurm (or that the latter was a close collaborator of Antonín Hořejš, one of the co-founders of ŠUR). Through various connections, a sometimes denser, sometimes looser network of modernism is created, the traces of which can still be reconstructed even today. This interactive map tries to show the footprint of the ŠUR in Bratislava, while pointing out the activities and connections between the direct actors of the ŠUR and the wider cultural and economic circle.

This interactive map is the result of cooperation between the Slovak Museum of Design-SCD and the Department of Architecture Institute of History SAS and was created within the project Design & Innovation, Cross-border cooperation of design institutions in the digital age, which is co-financed by the European Social Development Fund under the program Interreg V-A Slovak Republic - Austria 2014 - 2020.