DOCOMOMO (Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighborhoods of the Modern Movement)
is an international organization aimed at research, documentation, promotion and preservation of Modern Movement architecture. Founded in 1990 in the Netherlands, Slovakia was one of the co-funding members. Today it operates from the headquarter in Barcelona and associates more than 40 national working groups.

The Slovak working group is one of the associations under Slovak Association of Architects. The working group members (architects, historians, theoreticians and critics of architecture) investigate and promote Modern Movement architecture and their activities include the elaboration of the national register of MoMo monuments. The international register currently implies 101 works of architecture from the whole Slovakia and it is permanently being developed. Its growth mirrors the particular attention and increase of investigation activities of this organization as it follows the program topics of international DOCOMOMO conferences.

The list of works of architecture in focus documented by the Slovak DOCOMOMO working group grows in phases. The primary register of interwar monuments of Modern Movement, the so-called Top register, was formed as yearly as 1994 and it included 29 key interwar architecture masterpieces of Modern Movement in Slovakia. Subsequently, it followed the general focus of the DOCOMOMO International that encompassed the modern heritage of the entire 20th century.

The further entries to the register were realized on the basis of thematic homeworks specified by the international commission for registers. Under these guidelines the modern architecture for sport and leisure (2003), works of late modernism (2004), family houses and villas (2005), modern works of unique regional or national importance (2006), buildings for education (2007) works of architecture representing certain relation to machine and industry (2008), works of architecture reflecting connection of modernism and power (2009) or modern architecture of medical buildings (2010). In 2015, another 30 buildings were added to the international register. The International Registry is accessible on the MOMOVE virtual platform. In parallel with the creation of the international register, the national docomomo register is being built. All works that are part of it are presented on the page of the register of modern architecture.